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Be Careful How You Talk About Others

Have you ever been with other believers who are very comfortable with each other and who are of a like mind? Maybe a small group in church, or perhaps a family gathering, or just long time close friends you enjoy? Maybe it’s just you and your spouse.

It is in these kinds of settings you feel comfortable in saying what you really think and feel about things. You feel safe to share your true thoughts and feelings about certain people. You may even say things you know are wrong, but you say it anyway.

In the Christian community, this is a problem. It opens up the door to very harmful and inappropriate talk.

There is a huge difference between discussing things about someone with loving interest and concern, and expressing your true negative thoughts and unkind feelings about someone.

God gives His people guidelines on how they are to conduct themselves with acquaintances, friends and family regarding what they say about others.

Discussions about others that lead to help and encouragement that lifts them up is how believers are to talk about their friends. This is what God encourages in His family. This is part of God’s divine plan to care for and encourage His children though His children.

But, engaging in talk with other believers that puts a fellow believer down is strongly condemned by God. And there are consequences. It hurts you, the one you are talking about and it hurts God.

 Ephesians 4:29 NKJV Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearer.

God’s direction to His people is to not allow any “corrupt” talk proceed out of their mouths that hurts others. Corrupt talk is any unkind, negative, cutting, foul or evil talk.

This kind of talk reveals what is in the heart of believers who share unkind and unloving words about their brothers and sisters. Jesus said that what proceeds from the mouth comes from the heart (Matthew 15:18). Corrupt talk reveals a heart that is controlled by the spirit of the one speaking, not a heart controlled by the Spirit of God.

So, what you say and how you say it reveals your true spiritual condition. Kind of scary, isn’t it!

Instead of corrupt talk coming out of your mouth, let loving, helpful, caring, understanding, forgiving, and encouraging talk that lifts up others come out of your mouth.

When believers express this kind of careful, thoughtful and positive talk with acquaintances, friends and family, it is evidence of God’s Spirit being in control, not the corrupt spirit of man.

God uses your loving and encouraging talk to impart His grace into the hearer of your good words. Grace is God’s influence and power. This is God’s plan.

However, if you find yourself speaking unkind words about others often, what would God have you do? How can you fix your problem?

Change who is in control of your heart. Confess your sin about your negative, judgmental and hurtful talk and repent of it. Make a decision to stop saying such things. God will forgive you and help you.

Then, allow God to be in control. Yield to His authority, thoughts and will. Let HIS words proceed from your mouth as He controls your heart!

Start right now! Yield to Jesus, not yourself! You will be a happier person!

Have a great day!

God bless!


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