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What To Do Until Jesus Returns

All Christians look forward to Jesus’ return and the eternal life and rewards that He promises those who love Him. But what about now? What does God want you to do as you wait for His return?

In the book of Hebrews God gives us insight as to what it is we should be doing as we live in this world awaiting the day when Jesus returns for His people.

Therefore by Him (Jesus) let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name. But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased. Hebrews 13:15-16 NKJV

As we live in this world being jostled by life’s many challenges and crisis, we are not to be distracted from what it is that God wants us to do. In spite of the things that are so hard and upsetting and cause stress and worry, God tells us to continually keep our eyes on the Lord. We are to focus on the many blessings He has given us and is giving us. In this way you are not overwhelmed and captured with the “what if’s.” “What if” this happens, and “what if” that happens?

It pleases God that when you are in the midst of troubles that you do not allow your struggles to interfere with your awareness of God’s many blessings in your life and thanking Him for them continually.

So as we wait for Jesus to come back, we are to continue to give thanks to Him. God calls this the “fruit of the lips.” When you continually give thanks, even in the most distracting times, we are producing fruit that pleases God.

As we continue to wait for Jesus, we are to be good examples to others as to what it is to be a child of God and a follower of Jesus. It is God’s plan for you to be as much like Jesus as possible in this world. This is how God has chosen to reveal Himself to the lost in this world.

God wants us to do good. This word “good” means, “to give generously of yourself.” What do you have to give? It could be the material things you have, or it could mean giving of your time and talents, or it could mean giving a kind word of encouragement to a person who is very low.

God’s point is that as we live in this world we are to represent Him well, and live like Jesus, doing good things. We are to share the love of Jesus with others. We are to communicate who God is and what He is like through doing these good things.

God does not tell us that it is going to be easy but that there will be times of sacrifice as we share our faith with others. God’s plan for every Christian is to be so intent on living for Jesus and being like Him that we are willing to give up what we have and make the hard sacrifices so that others are ministered to on behalf of Jesus.

So, as we wait for Jesus to come back, be busy doing the work of the Father, just as Jesus did. Be thankful to God continually for all He has done and is doing for you. This produces fruit that pleases God. Continue to do the good things for others and if necessary make the required sacrifice, just as Jesus did. This is what all believers should be doing as we wait for that wonderful day to arrive!

God bless!


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