Teaching, Helping and Encouraging Spiritual Growth
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Growing Big in God: The New Believer’s Guide to Spiritual Growth

Growing Big in God is an easy-to-read guide for new believers who want to grow spiritually. Everything you need to know about growing big in the faith is laid out in clear and easy-to-understand language and examples. The entire process—from salvation to becoming a trustworthy and productive disciple of Jesus—is thoroughly explained, step-by-step. What’s more, along the way, many puzzling questions are answered. You will learn what God does to prepare you to grow into a mature disciple of Jesus. You will discover the things you are to add to your faith that transform you into a new person. You will learn how to deal with and overcome trials and temptations. You will learn how to grow deep in God’s love and power. You will learn God’s process of spiritual growth that leads you to becoming an effective, productive, and fruitful disciple of Jesus. You will learn how to bring glory to God. This book seeks not only to lead the new believer to a greater understanding of God, but also to benefit the more mature believer by filling holes in their understanding and sorting out the process of spiritual growth, as well. All believers will more fully understand God’s plan and purpose and learn how to live out the fullness of the Christian life.  

What Readers are Saying

Great for believers at any level to understand how to live a more rewarding life. This book would be good for more experienced believers to use as they mentor new believers. The steps to spiritual growth are laid out in clear and practical ways. Would make a valuable resource for new believer study groups. Dennis McCoy

I recommend this book to everyone who wants to live for God and wants to know how to live for Him. This book is written in regular language like you are talking to your pappy who has spent years reading God’s word and talking to God and is full of wisdom. I definitely recommend this book for new believers, who I am sure will refer to it for many years to come. Corlee Brown

I would definitely recommend this book to a few kids in my youth group, maybe even some of the adults who tried to skip the basics of Christianity and jump straight into theology and doctrinal studies. David Skotte

I wish I had this book when I became a new believer in 1994. My transition would have been so much smoother. Almost immediately, I had to deal with attacks from Satan and did not understand why this was happening. I did not know what to do to prepare and defend myself against his attacks. Growing Big in God explains it all. This book should be in the hands of every pastor and youth leader to give out to every new believer. “Here, read this! It will answer a lot of your questions , open your eyes as to what to expect and guide you when the attacks of the devil start coming”, and they will. BRAVO!! Tim Roscher

I have read this book several times. I have been a Christian for more than fifty years and even though the title says, “The New Believer’s Guide to Spiritual Growth”, it is for long time believers, too. The thing about this book is that answers to questions I have had for years are addressed and clearly explained . I highly recommend this book not only new Christians, but Christians who have been saved for years. Tim Benson

Growing Big in God is a wonderful how-to guide for new and experienced Christians. It covers the basics of spiritual growth and is full of heartwarming stories and drawings and great, practical guidance. Katherine V. Givens

Ever wonder what is meant by a “personal relationship with Christ?” What does it mean to live a Christian life? This work from Dick Wright explains in clear and practical language and illustrations what it means to begin and grow a relationship with Jesus. If you are a person seeking answers – If you are a brand new Christian – If you are an “old” Christian lacking a clear understanding of the basics of Christian living, or in need of help articulating those to others – or if you just want to grow a little more in your faith walk…then this book is the right resource for you. Derrick G. Smith

This book is good for teen believers all the way to senior adults. The cartoons were a really nice addition. Jane