Teaching, Helping and Encouraging Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth and Renewal Seminars

The Growing Big in God Spiritual Growth and Renewal Seminars were created to teach, equip, encourage and energize believers at all stages of their spiritual growth to become stronger, more capable and productive disciples of Jesus.

In this seminar, God’s overall plan and purpose for believers is laid out and carefully explained, step-by-step.

What’s more, along the way, many puzzling questions are answered. What God does for believers through His grace and the believer’s response through their faith is carefully explained.

You will discover the things that you are to add to your initial, child-like faith that produce spiritual growth and lead you to becoming a disciple of Jesus.

You will learn God’s order and process for spiritual growth that produces a lifestyle that positively influences the world in which you live.

You will learn how to deal with and overcome trials and temptation, as well as what it means to really become new as God takes control of your heart and changes you from the inside out.

This seminar not only leads the new believer to a greater understanding of God and His purposes and ways, but also helps the more mature believer become better equipped to be of even greater service to their Lord and Savior.

At the end of the day, all believers will be better equipped to experience spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with God as they come to understand God’s plan and purpose and how they are to live out the fullness of the Christian life.

For more information about on these Spiritual Growth and Renewal Seminars or for scheduling opportunities, please contact Pastor Dick.