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Prayers Wanted!

In a healthy relationship with God, there is special joy and excitement in service to Him. Not only do you enjoy the blessing of knowing the Creator of all things personally and even intimately, but you have the great honor of serving God Almighty, as well! This is a tremendous blessing as this privilege allows you to bring God glory. God tells us that “God is glorified when we complete the work God has given us to do” (John 17:4).

Not only does your service to God bring Him glory, but your faithful efforts to compete the work He has given you to do is an act of worshiping God.

Romans 12:1 AMPL I appeal to you therefore , brethren, and beg of you in view of the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies – presenting all of your members and faculties – as a living sacrifice, holy, (devoted, consecrated) and well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship.

So, an accurate understanding is that your faithful efforts to do the works of God is an act of worship, and this brings glory to God. This is why God says that when you make a firm decision to serve Him by giving Him all you’ve got, this pleases Him and is your “reasonable, rational, and intelligent service and spiritual worship” of Him.

Almost three and a half years ago I retired for pastoring a church that I loved. After twelve years of service, I was tired and worn out and made the decision to retire. In my retirement, I wrote a book about spiritual growth and how to become a disciple of Jesus called, “Growing Big In God”. I began to write blogs about spiritual things that I hoped would bring encouragement to fellow believers who were in need of help, direction and encouragement. I have developed a ministry with readers all over the world. I was content with the “good work” God had given me to do.

During that time, a dear friend of mine established a church in my hometown of Warrenton, Virginia about two years ago. He also has a powerful ministry in Africa that he founded more than twenty years ago. He has been shuffling back and forth to maintain both ministries. There is a school, health clinic, orphanage for aids babies and teaches the local people how to farm and in turn feeds hundreds of people in the area. He also pastors Mountain Ridge Church in Warrenton.

 Do you think he and his wife are committed to serving God? Do you think they are worshipping God with all they’ve got? Do you think they are bringing God glory?

A few months back he came to me and told me he that felt God calling him to return to Africa and expand that ministry, and then he said to me, “Are you feeling a call to pastor again”? I told him that I had been feeling a strong desire to return to ministry and that my health and spirit had recovered and I felt ready to do something. Then he asked me to take over the ministry he began a couple of years back. I prayed about it over the winter and as I prayed and thought about it, the idea became more comfortable so when I returned from California I told him I would be happy to come out of retirement and serve as pastor of Mountain Ridge Church.

Now, here is my request for all of my friends. Will you pray for my friend as he returns to Africa to expand the ministry there? And will you pray for me as I begin a new challenge in my life. We are all in this together. Your prayers are an essential part of both of these ministries.

This coming Sunday, April 26 will be my first Sunday as pastor of Mountain Ridge Church. This week, would you keep this in mind and remember me in your prayers?

Thank you and God bless!

Pastor Dick

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