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Taking Some Time Off

Dear friends, I will be taking some time off writing new posts weekly. I have a very important project I am working on and need to concentrate on it for a while. I hope to be back writing new posts about practical living in a couple of months. Thank you for reading my posts and I hope you find them encouraging and useful.

God bless,


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Be A Strong Finisher 2

What makes up a successful person? Successful people share many common traits like being self starters, focused, determined, committed, tough, overcomers of setbacks and obstacles and they are good finishers.

In American history there are many examples of successful people who share these (and many other) valuable traits.

It took Thomas Edison one thousand unsuccessful attempts to invent the light bulb. He was a strong finisher.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and his first business failed. Continue Reading →

Truth Lies In God’s Word, Not Man’s Word

Reading God’s Word for yourself and studying it opens up incredible opportunities for God to speak to you directly. You have the Word itself which “teaches, rebukes, corrects and trains you” (2 Timothy 3:16) which is essential in every believer’s life.

But God gives you more. As you dig in and carefully study God’s Word for yourself, God responds with new insights into His Word that bring deeper understanding of God and God’s ways. These insights are God’s direct communication to you, for you. Continue Reading →

Get A Handle On Bad Secret Thoughts

Aren’t you glad that your thoughts cannot be seen by anyone else? How embarrassing that would be! There is a whole secret world that thrives in the thought-life. It is the place where the most secret sinful and shameful desires are stored.

These thoughts are the source of conflict between God’s righteous will and desires and your own human sinful desires and will. This is the place where the act of sin begins. God says that all sin begins in your secret thought-life (James 1:13-15). Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Anger Get The Best Of You

Wouldn’t it be great if life always ran smoothly with no hiccups or potholes? Wouldn’t that be great?! Well, dream on! The fact is life is filled with stuff that irritates, aggravates and angers us daily. Anger can come from nagging problems or insurmountable troubles. It can come from frustrating circumstances that you can’t seem to escape, or the disappointments of life that are so unjust and unfair. The sources of anger are limitless.

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As A Christian, Are You Really Happy?

You would think that all believers would be happy people. After all, Almighty God loved them so much that He sacrificed the life of His only Son so that they could have a relationship with Him that lasts throughout eternity, right?

Not only this, but God continues His blessing with His grace. God’s grace is His undeserved gift of divine influence that is seen in His inspiration, direction, guidance, protection, encouragement, conviction, strength and power that enables you to deal with life and live uprightly even in the midst of all the mess. Continue Reading →

Let God Help You Get Through The Tough Times

Life is a mix of some good things and some not so good things. Wouldn’t you agree? This combination of good and bad is always in a state of flux and it is always changing. There will always be a part of your life that is good and a part that is not so good.

How do you deal with this reality?

Along with this swing between periods of good stuff and bad stuff is a parallel swing between being content and happy and being discontented and unhappy. Continue Reading →

The Dynamic Combination Of Grace And Faith

Grace and faith go together. Grace is the all-inclusive provision of everything a believer needs to achieve God’s plans and purposes in their life. These wonderful gifts come from God. God is the source of grace.

Faith is embracing God’s provision of grace. Grace is God’s divine influence, inspiration, guidance, direction, conviction, knowledge, wisdom and power. Faith believes and trusts in God’s grace. Faith relies on God’s grace in all circumstances and faith declares and professes God’s ways, plans and purposes by living out God’s grace. Continue Reading →

Are You Wise Or Are You Foolish?

Don’t we live in a confused world? In our world today confusion reigns. Right has become wrong, wrong has become right. Good has become bad and bad has become good. Morality has become personal. It is whatever you choose to make it. Whatever suits you is “moral” these days. Everybody is on their own when it comes to standards to live by.

However, in spite of the blurring of the lines between good and evil and right and wrong, there is a morality that remains unshakably rooted in standards of truth and righteousness. Continue Reading →

Prayers God Hears

For those of you who are in my generation you know that growing older changes things. Age has a way of stealing so many of the things you once enjoyed like energy and strength and are replaced with comfy chairs and long naps. But it is not all bad. There is a great upside to growing older.

The one real benefit to growing older is life experience. Having experienced many of the same things younger people are now experiencing, I have the experience and knowledge to help them. Continue Reading →