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Let God Lift You Up!

In this life, weariness is an issue. Who doesn’t get tired and worn out? Becoming tired can come from any number of human experiences such as working to hard, or an overload of stress, or even a bad diet.

Weariness certainly affects your life. I have found that when I am tired, even making decisions can be difficult.

To be sure life supplies more than enough things that cause you to become tired and weary.

There are limits to human strength. God knows that this is a problem for people and offers a source of strength that comes from placing your faith in Him.

Isaiah 40:29-31 NCV He gives strength to those who are tired and more power to those who are weak. Even children become tired and need rest, and young people trip and fall. But the people who trust the Lord will become strong again. They will rise up as an eagle in the sky; they will run and not need rest; they will walk and not become tired.

When you find yourself “at the end of your rope”, or “burned out”, or “totally spent” God offers to share His strength with you. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?!

God recognizes that even children and young people have limits to their energy. They get tired and stumble and fall because they are tired. When my girls were small, they would seem to have limitless energy and would run around all day long. But at bedtime, they would collapse into their beds and be asleep almost instantly. “Even children become tired and need rest.”

When we grow up, we do the very same thing. We expend our energy “doing life” and when we run out of energy, we run into problems and stumble and fall, as well.

God knows how we are made; He made us.

He knows that life can overwhelm us, and He wants us to know that there is a reservoir of strength and power that is available to us. Instead of facing these challenges that sap our strength alone, why not go the Creator and seek His strength?

How do we do this?

Instead of relying on our own human strengths that are limited, we need to go to God who has unlimited strength. He wants to share His strength with us.

God says that this is not just more “natural” strength that He wants to give to us, but “divine” strength that far exceeds the power of human strength or capacity.

It is like an eagle that rises up in the sky, with it’s wings spread wide. Effortlessly, the eagle rides the breezes and strong winds that God supplies and the eagle rises high above all the concerns down below.

Would you like to enjoy this kind of strength in  your life?

Do you need a “lift” from God?

Then step out in faith and take that leap. Trust in and rely on God to help you ride the wind He supplies and rise above the challenges that keep you down.

So, be encouraged! God is waiting for you to call on Him! He is there! Today is a good day to “spread your wings and ride those strong breezes” that God has waiting for you!

God bless!

Have a great day!


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