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Let God Embrace You

There are times in our lives when we do things that we regret from the moment we do them. Surely, you know what I am talking about. You may have done something that really hurt someone else, or you may have done something that really hurt yourself, or  you might have something that didn’t hurt anybody, but you know it was totally wrong.

As God’s people, these things do not go unnoticed. God knows! And the Spirit of God that resides in us lets us know we have really done something very wrong.

In times like these you become very familiar with what “guilt” means. Guilt is the feeling that comes from God that you are guilty of doing something wrong. FEELING guilty comes from BEING guilty. 

As God’s people, we have a choice to make. We can listen to the conviction of the Holy Spirit and confess and repent of our sin, whatever it is, or we can stiffen our neck and “just move on.”

This is pride in our lives. This is the rebellious spirit that man is born with that must be subdued. Man’s pride is the problem.

Of course, you can move on and act like things are just fine, but the guilt of your sins tag along. It is a reminder of what you have done. God continues to convict you of your sin until you deal with it. This is God’s way of keeping his children pure from sin.

Another fallout of holding on to your sin and not confessing and repenting of it is that you forfeit your closeness to God. Your prideful resistance to the conviction of the Holy Spirit separates you from God, and God hates this.

When a believers realizes this, it brings a new sense of urgency into the picture. Realizing that your sin actually brings pain to God brings a great sense of sorrow to the point of being broken-hearted. When your spirit is crushed by this realization, God is there to embrace you and hold you tight and forgive you. Your guilt, along with your sin is washed away!

Psalm 34:18 NLT The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.

Being close to God is one of the great privileges that God’s children enjoy. And, God enjoys being close to His children.

So, today, get your heart in order. If there is sin in you that you have not dealt with, deal with it now! Confess your sins to Jesus and He is faithful and just and will forgive you of your sins. And when you repent of your sins, the sludge of sin that weighs you down will be replaced with the sweet aroma of the pure Spirit of God.

Your heavenly Father loves you and tenderly cares for you. Now is the time to restore your relationship with God.

Have a great day!

God bless!


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