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Judging Others Is A Risky Business

Tell the truth. Do you like being around people who are in the habit of being critical and quick to judge others? Unfortunately, there never seems to be a shortage of these people, including in your church family. Underneath this very unpleasant habit is ample amounts of pride. Pride is an unduly high opinion of oneself and an exaggerated sense of self-esteem.

They bring dark clouds into your life along with bolts of lightening of unnecessary pain and hurt. These people have no idea of the damage they do to others. Their pride is the source of their conceit, haughty attitudes and condescending behavior that is so hard to take. They are no fun to be around. Have you known people like this?

I was talking to a young woman who attended a church who had gone to the pastor’s wife for help. Her life was a mess. She had done things that did great damage to herself that left her with continual regret and guilt. She needed someone to help her deal with her mistakes and lift her up spiritually and give her some good, honest and loving counsel.

What she needed was some tender mercy and compassion, and someone with an understanding attitude and who would lovingly help her. This young woman was reaching out for help but this is not what she got.

The pastor’s wife was insensitive, critical, unkind and very judgmental. This troubled young woman needed love but instead she was shamed and humiliated with a sharp scolding that only drove this young woman away from the church.

This pastor’s wife has no idea how much damage she did to this young woman who was simply seeking some help. This pastor’s wife has no understanding of the damage she has done because of her pride. Such is the case with people who are so prideful. They are blind to the damage they have done.

But, behavior like this does not go unnoticed by God. There are consequences to being so judgmental of others. Look what Jesus said about situations like this.

Matthew 7:1-2 NLT “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. For you will be treated as you treat others. The standards you use in judging others is the standard by which you will be judged.”

Oh-oh. Jesus said that how you treat others is how you are going to be treated. Kind of scary, isn’t it? Those very same standards that you use in judging others is what God is going to use when He judges you! Yikes!

Jesus said that the best thing is to not judge at all so that you will not be judged. Jesus said that the same standard you use in judging others is the very same standard He is going to use in judging you. So, if you are smart, you will be extraordinarily kind, understanding, merciful, compassionate and loving in dealing with others and their mistakes.

Let Jesus be the judge. You be the person who becomes the arms of Jesus to embrace and hug those who need a tender touch and some loving comfort and understanding. You be the one who becomes the feet of Jesus and walks with those who need good direction and guidance. You be the voice of Jesus that encourages and loves and counsels those who need to be lifted up.

If you do this, you will not have to be concerned about being judged harshly or without mercy or compassion.

Be kind. Be merciful. Be compassionate. Be understanding. Be patient. Be loving. And you will get the very same treatment from God!

God bless you today!


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