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I’m Cancer Free!

Dear friends, I want to thank you all once again for all your prayers regarding the bladder cancer I had. Your prayers, as well as mine, were answered.

As you know, I had the cancer removed from my bladder two weeks ago and I had no pain or side affects from the procedure. I still feel fine, as if nothing has happened.

Today I received the report from my urologist about the biopsy on the cancer. The cancer was a “non-invasive, low grade cancer.” It is considered a “superficial” cancer, meaning it was a surface cancer. It did not go into the muscle, nor was their any cancer beneath the tumor. So, I have lots to praise God about! The nurse said I was “cancer free”! How cool is that?!

According to the doctor, I will need no further treatments. I will be checked in three months as a safeguard.

Praise God for His love and care for me! I urge you all to give God all the glory for this good report.

Have a great day,

God bless,



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