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How To Get More Of God’s Power To Deal With Life’s Problems

Have you ever wondered how to get more of God’s power, strength, wisdom and guidance in your life? Who doesn’t need more of the power of God in their life?

This week I posed this question to my congregation as we concluded our study of 1 Peter. Peter wrote this letter to the Jewish Christians who had been scattered around the Mediterranean world because of persecution.

What did Peter tell these Christians to do to gain the strength they needed to deal with the stress and suffering of persecution?

 1 Peter 5:5b NIV All of you, clothe yourselves in humility toward one another, because, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

Peter instructed these believers who were experiencing persecution, and who were about to experience even worse persecution, to “clothe themselves in humility.”

The word “clothe” means, “to surround, a badge of servitude, mutual deference.”

Peter is saying that in order to gain the power, strength, wisdom and guidance to deal with the tough stuff of life begins by “surrounding” yourself in external acts of service to others, and deference to others.

These expressions of humility can be seen in your life. They are like putting on a piece of clothing.  These external expressions of humility can be seen as you observe others and their needs, and do something about it. This is serving them and deferring to them. This is the kind of conduct that is to be seen in God’s church. This leads to a healthy church that brings a smile to God’s face.

This is a departure from the demands of your human nature that make it “all about you.” Transitioning from a self-centered approach to making it “all about others” comes from adjustments in your mind.

The word “humility” means, “humbleness of mind, lowliness of mind.” This kind of humility is about having a “humble spirit.”

In order to have the “humble spirit” that is needed to make acts of service a priority in your life, and to defer to others rather than demand your own way, you need to deal with the pride in you.

Pride is the enemy of believers. God opposes those believers who allow their pride to suppress the Spirit of God in them. It is in this way that pride steals the enablement to defeat trials that comes from grace.

Grace is the divine influence, inspiration, power, wisdom, guidance and direction you need to deal with the terrible realities of life. You NEED GOD’S GRACE to deal with life’s problems.

So, here is the bottom line. There is a misconception in the church today that if you are simply a child of God and love Jesus, God is obligated to supply all that you need to overcome the difficult trials in your life. Many Christians mistakenly believe that dividing their loyalty between God and themselves is no big deal, and God understands and somehow He overlooks their disloyalty.

If being disloyal to God is no big deal, then why are there so many times when you feel like God is not even there?

The problem is pride. It causes God to “oppose and resist you.” It prevents God from delivering all you need to deal with the really hard things in life.  God WANTS to bless you and show you great favor!

So, get rid of the pride in your life! Clothe yourself in humility! Be totally loyal to God! Put down your own sinful pride! Have a humble spirit! Serve others! Defer to others! Live for God and not yourself!

Have a great day!

God bless, Dick

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