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Having Deep Conversations With God

As a believer, you enjoy a very special “Father-child” relationship with God. You are connected with your Heavenly Father in many ways and there are many facets to your relationship with Him.

God is always there helping you deal with sin and when you slip up, He is there to forgive you, redirect you, restore you, and set you on the right path again. He is always there when you are down and need encouragement in times of trouble or stress or when you need His guidance and direction. Yes, God is always with you and always loves and cares for you. What an amazing relationship God’s children have with their Father!

But, there is something else that is very important to God. God created you in His image. This is where your intellect, reasoning skills, emotions, and creative instincts come from. God has equipped you to be able to talk to Him in intelligent, reasoned ways, and He greatly desires this. In Isaiah, God tells you this very thing.

 Isaiah 1:18 NIV “Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord.

A very important part of your relationship with God is having fellowship with Him. God wants very much to be totally engaged in your life, and this includes frequent talks with Him. This is one of the reasons why God created you. God wants you to have fellowship with Him that includes regular conversations that are intelligent and reasoned.

Consider the depth of conversation God is looking for in your relationship with Him. God has made it clear that He wants to have substantive conversations with you when He said, “Come, let us reason together”.

God wants you to have deep, open and honest conversations with Him about your life. He wants to discuss with you your deepest thoughts and concerns. He wants to discuss the difficult and complex things that you have trouble understanding or unraveling. God is looking for more than, “Now I lay me down to sleep…”

As a child of God, you have this kind of relationship with your Heavenly Father.

I have a suggestion. Talk to God on a regular basis about “whatever” and see where this leads. My point is that you do not need a reason to carry on a conversation with God. Talk about anything. God loves to talk to you. I have found that carrying on a constant conversation with God helps my relationship with Him to become more comfortable, close and even intimate.

So, I encourage you to spend time in intelligent, reasoned conversations with God. Remember, God is the God of wisdom. God sees what’s coming. Wouldn’t it be good to be in touch with Him on a regular basis?

God wants an adult conversation with you. Talk to God about your all facets of your life. Talk to God from your heart and watch your life really change!

God bless!

Have a great day!

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