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How To Get Really Close to God

Every believer should want to be as close as possible to God. What Christian wouldn’t want be filled with and immersed in His Holy Spirit? This is the kind of relationship that God wants all of His children to have and experience. God wants to be as close to you as possible and He wants you to be as close to Him as possible.   

Anything that inhibits your ability to be close to God and experience Him to the fullest must be purged from your life. What is it that impairs your ability to experience God’s closeness to the fullest? Sin.

Sin restricts God’s ability to be close to you.

Do you remember how close you felt to God the moment you got saved? Why did you feel so close to God? Your sins were completely washed away! There was nothing sinful in you to offend God and cause Him to turn away from you. You were as close to God as you could possibly be.

Sin causes all of the problems in your relationship with your Creator. Yet, as believers, sin still has great appeal and pull and there are sins that believers hold on to and indulge in.

But beware. Sin is subtle and very deceitful. It can grip you tightly and separate you from God.

Isaiah 59:1-2 Listen! The Lord’s arm is not too weak to save you, nor is his ear too deaf to hear you call. It is your sins that have cut you off from God. Because of your sin, he has turned away and will not listen anymore. NLT

Sin destroys your ability to be close to God. Sin causes God to turn away from you and not listen to you anymore.

When you fully understand how horrible the sin in you is and the impact it has on your relationship with God, it brings you to your knees with deep groans of sorrow and regret.

The reality of what your sin has done to God and your relationship with Him is overwhelming. Truly understanding the implications of your sin will break your heart and crush your spirit. Your only recourse is to cry out in tearful  repentance.

 Psalm 51:17 The sacrifice you want is a broken spirit. A broken and repentant heart, O God, you will not despise. NLT

It is when your heart is broken and your spirit is crushed because of your sin that God restores the closeness that you want and that He wants. He wraps His arms around you and warmly embraces you and holds you tight and tenderly kisses you with His love. This is when you are closest to God. This is the closeness that God deeply desires.

Psalm 34:18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit. NLT

This is when your loving Heavenly Father rescues you from your sorrow and heals your broken heart and restores your crushed spirit with His loving forgiveness. This is when your self-inflicted wounds are healed.

 Psalm 147:3 He heals the broken hearted, binding up their wounds. NLT

When you come to realize just how bad your sins are and how much they hurt your Savior and your relationship with Him, what should your response be?

 Psalm 51:1-4 Have mercy on me, O God, because of your unfailing love. Because of your great compassion, blot out the stain of my sins. Wash me clean from my guilt. NLT

The wonder of God never quits. He loves you more than you can ever know. He is there when your heart is broken and your spirit is crushed because of your sin; He is there when you cry out in repentance; He is there with unlimited mercy. He is there with great compassion. He is there with His unfailing love. He is there to blot the stain of your sins out and He is there to wash your guilt away!

Isn’t this what you want? Isn’t this what God wants? Then take a moment right now and talk to God. He is waiting to hear from you.

Have a great day!

God bless,


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