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Real Insight Comes From Reading The Word For Yourself

Reading God’s Word for yourself and studying it opens up incredible opportunities for God to speak to you directly. You have the Word itself which “teaches, rebukes, corrects and trains you” (2 Timothy 3:16) which is essential in every believer’s life. But God gives you more. As you dig in and carefully study God’s Word for yourself, God responds with new insights into His Word that bring deeper understanding of God and God’s ways. These insights are God’s direct communication to you, for you. Continue Reading →

Was The Bible Influenced By The Culture?

Every student of the Bible has a decision to make. Is the Bible as written the pure inspired Word of God or did the cultural influences of the day somehow make their way into scripture? Did the men who wrote the Bible write the things that the Holy Spirit inspired, but through the lenses of the culture of that day?

This is an important question because if scripture has cultural influences of the day in it, then it is not the pure Word of God. Continue Reading →

Look Beyond Being Taken For Granted

There are few things that make you feel less important than being taken for granted. Sooner or later everybody has to deal with the experience of being taken for granted. Have you ever been there?

For moms who make the beds every morning and prepare the dinner every night and do everything else in between who never get any inkling that their family is even aware of all that they do, let alone appreciate it, you know what it means to be taken for granted. Continue Reading →