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How To Handle Fear

We live in a world where life dishes out some pretty hard realities. Some of these realities are of not of our own doing, and some are. But it doesn’t matter. The fact is that fear does not care whose fault it is. Fear attacks regardless.

Fear is a very debilitating. It can paralyze you and make you feel powerless and bring on a feelings of hopelessness. It causes you to become apprehensive and timid.

Such things as danger, evil, and pain cause fear.  Continue Reading →

Your Tears Are Not Insignificant To God

When my girls were little, now and then they would scrape their knee, bump their head or get left out and have their feelings hurt. And, they would cry.

I would go over and pick them up and then get a Band-Aid for their knee, or rub the bump on their head, or talk to them with words of encouragement that helped them get past their hurt feelings. And I would give them a hug and assure them that they would be alright. Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Down and Discouraged! God Loves You!

Who has never been down and discouraged? Nobody. It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian or not, life consistently dishes out things that challenge you, discourage you and often times bring you down. It is in times like these when you are discouraged and down that your mind begins to question whether God cares about you or is even aware that you exist. Have you ever been there?

God knows the realities of living in this world and how the realities of life can shake your confidence in God’s love for you. Continue Reading →

Don’t Screw Up Your Life; Make Good Decisions

Life is full challenges that require good decision making. The decisions you make determine the outcome, so careless or impulsive decisions can lead to very unfortunate consequences, some that last a lifetime.

This is true for all people and this includes Christians. Christians certainly are not perfect and they fall into the trap of making decisions by leaning on their own limited human resources just like everyone else does. So, within the Christian community there are countless regrets and sorrows caused by unwise decisions. Continue Reading →