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Prayers God Hears

For those of you who are in my generation you know that growing older changes things. Age has a way of stealing so many of the things you once enjoyed like energy and strength and are replaced with comfy chairs and long naps. But it is not all bad. There is a great upside to growing older.

The one real benefit to growing older is life experience. Having experienced many of the same things younger people are now experiencing, I have the experience and knowledge to help them. Continue Reading →

Let God Help You Raise Your Kids

Being a parent in the world today is a real challenge, especially for believers. There is so much more that a parent has to be aware of and consider in raising a child than ever before.

I don’t have to tell you that your child is at risk in so many ways. You cannot turn your head or some sick person might harm your child in some way. You have to be aware of what your kids are watching on TV, or seeing on the computer, or what computer games they are playing because of the negative and damaging influences. Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Down and Discouraged! God Loves You!

Who has never been down and discouraged? Nobody. It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian or not, life consistently dishes out things that challenge you, discourage you and often times bring you down. It is in times like these when you are discouraged and down that your mind begins to question whether God cares about you or is even aware that you exist. Have you ever been there?

God knows the realities of living in this world and how the realities of life can shake your confidence in God’s love for you. Continue Reading →

Down and Discouraged? The Holy Spirit Is Praying for you!

As I read and study God’s Word, I am reminded over and over just how much God loves His children. These expressions of Godly love seem to be countless.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever experienced times of discouragement and down, yet you cannot put our finger on the source of your terrible feelings? I know those who are dealing with depression can identify with this.

Or, other times when you are so overwhelmed with a boatload of stressful problems that you do not know where to begin? Continue Reading →