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The Value of Good Friends

One of the greatest blessings God gives to His children is friends. Every believer needs close Christian friends. Being close to someone with like beliefs allows you to be yourself. Not only can you just be you, and express your true thoughts and feelings without hesitancy or fear of misunderstanding, but a good friend also brings accountability into your life. It’s sort of like God putting that “special” person, or persons into your life that help you deal with life and make right decisions and do the right things.  Continue Reading →

Christmas Means Joy!

Merry Christmas! I will be taking a little break from my weekly posting and will be back the first of the year. I want to thank all of you who have taken time to read my posts and all the kind comments you have sent to me this past year.

I pray that God will bless you all in 2017!

This Sunday we celebrate Christmas. This day is very important to Christians all over the world as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and all He has done for mankind. Continue Reading →

How God Uses Your Troubles To Help Others

On the surface, most Christians look fine. In many cases, you never know what kind of trouble they might be experiencing. People can be very good actors, and put on a “happy face” that disguises the truth of their life. They can successfully cover up the difficult things in their lives, hiding their concerns, worries, pain, sorrow and heartache well enough to keep their troubles hidden.

It is like a banana that has a healthy, smooth yellow covering on the outside, but as you peel the banana, you see bruises and gouges that you could not see on the outside. Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Hateful To God’s Enemies, But Love Them

As the current culture continues to erode the truth of the gospel and God’s holy ways, Christians find themselves under increasing pressure to soften their views and to make compromises. Far too many Christians are letting their guard down and ever so gradually allowing themselves to conform to this world and its standards and mores.

For God’s people, this is shameful. It is an insult to God when His people are compromised by cultural pressure. It is an insult to the shed blood of Jesus who died for the very purpose of destroying the power of sin.  Continue Reading →