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Don’t Be Snookered! Real Contentment Comes From God!

The old comic Will Rogers from the last century had a way of putting things that made you smile but told a real truth. He described advertising as: “Making people want what they don’t need and pay for it with money they don’t have.”

It ‘s true. If people can be made to be discontent then they can be made to feel the “need” to buy whatever is being sold. This is as true today as it was a century ago. Continue Reading →

The Impact Of A Godly Father

When I was a boy, my father would have been considered a failure by the world’s measure of success. My dad’s father left home when he was twelve and my dad was forced to help his mother keep food on the table and went to work during the depression picking turnips for three cents a day. He had to walk miles daily to and from the fields.

He never finished high school and was not qualified for much of anything and ended up working in aluminum foundries most of his life doing hard, dirty work that paid very little. Continue Reading →

How To Be Great In God’s Kingdom

It is not unusual to desire to be great at something. This desire is what leads to extraordinary achievement. It is a good thing to want to set your sights high. Just as it is a commendable trait to have the desire to elevate yourself in this world, it is a good thing to have the desire to elevate yourself in the kingdom of God.

There was a mother who came to Jesus with her two sons and humbly asked Him if her two sons could sit by Him, one on His right and on His left in His kingdom. Continue Reading →