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Judging Others Is A Risky Business

Tell the truth. Do you like being around people who are in the habit of being critical and quick to judge others? Unfortunately, there never seems to be a shortage of these people, including in your church family. Underneath this very unpleasant habit is ample amounts of pride. Pride is an unduly high opinion of oneself and an exaggerated sense of self-esteem.

They bring dark clouds into your life along with bolts of lightening of unnecessary pain and hurt. Continue Reading →

Uh-Oh! God Can See Your Secret Thoughts!

There is a whole hidden world in the minds of God’s people. This is where all the secret thoughts are stored. It is the place where all your true thoughts and feelings are hidden. Thank goodness that these thoughts and feelings are under the lock and key of your mind!

What a disaster it would be if your true feelings and thoughts somehow slipped out and were made public. Just the thought is horrifying!

People would know exactly how you feel about them and just how cold you are inside. Continue Reading →

Don’t Mess Up Your Kids

I was playing golf with a life long friend who has been a faithful believer and has served as a missionary for a number of years. After our game, we sat and talked a bit about the things of God and he brought up an interesting question. He said, “There is a survey that says eighty percent of kids brought up in Christian homes leave the church when they go off to college. Why do you think this is so?”

Good question. Continue Reading →

Be Careful How You Talk About Others

Have you ever been with other believers who are very comfortable with each other and who are of a like mind? Maybe a small group in church, or perhaps a family gathering, or just long time close friends you enjoy? Maybe it’s just you and your spouse.

It is in these kinds of settings you feel comfortable in saying what you really think and feel about things. You feel safe to share your true thoughts and feelings about certain people. Continue Reading →