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# Resist This World!

We live in a time when free thought and free speech are no longer accepted or tolerated by a vast portion of our society. In today’s world there is no room for independent thought. Those who do not fall in line with the thinking of the dominant culture are considered unintellectual and even ignorant. In their minds, this makes them unworthy of having an opposing thought or view.

Pressure to conform comes from just about every institution there is from the educational system to Hollywood to government dictates. Continue Reading →

Christmas Means Joy!

Merry Christmas! I will be taking a little break from my weekly posting and will be back the first of the year. I want to thank all of you who have taken time to read my posts and all the kind comments you have sent to me this past year.

I pray that God will bless you all in 2017!

This Sunday we celebrate Christmas. This day is very important to Christians all over the world as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and all He has done for mankind. Continue Reading →

Do You Stand With Jesus Or Jesus Haters?

Jesus gets it. Jesus puts His finger on the problem that all people who are serious about their faith in Jesus have.

When a person truly believes in Jesus and completely turns his or her life over to Jesus, and makes a commitment to live out their faith in Jesus, there will be trouble. It is inevitable.

God says that His ways are not man’s ways. His ways are in opposition to man’s ways, as are man’s ways opposed to God’s ways. Continue Reading →

God’s Love Trumps Man’s Hate

God’s Word tells us that as the time for the return of Jesus draws closer, the persecution of the church will increase. Today, believers in every part of the world are experiencing more and more persecution.

Why are God’s people being persecuted? Is it because they have done terrible things? Have they committed horrendous crimes? No.

Real followers of Jesus live out God’s love for others, and this is inspired by the very Spirit of God that lives in them. Continue Reading →