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What Is America’s Last Hope?

As we watch with disgust and repugnance the current presidential election, there is a sense of hopelessness that is gripping America. It’s very easy to get discouraged and become dispirited watching all this play out.

I believe that these are two candidates are absolutely the worst possible choices. The dilemma most Americans have is which of these two will do the least damage to our nation. For me that would be Trump, even though he is a rude, self-centered, arrogant and vile man. Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Ambushed By Pride!

One of the really important attributes that reveals that a person is a child of God is humility. What does humility look like? To be humble is to have a right perspective of your relationship with God. A humble person knows who God is and recognizes His Deity and His absolute superiority over all things, including themselves. A humble person knows how big God is and how little they are. A humble person realizes his own insignificance compared to God. Continue Reading →

Judging Others Is A Risky Business

Tell the truth. Do you like being around people who are in the habit of being critical and quick to judge others? Unfortunately, there never seems to be a shortage of these people, including in your church family. Underneath this very unpleasant habit is ample amounts of pride. Pride is an unduly high opinion of oneself and an exaggerated sense of self-esteem.

They bring dark clouds into your life along with bolts of lightening of unnecessary pain and hurt. Continue Reading →

Get Real About Being a Christian: Change

Change. This is the most important thing that God seeks in His people. Change represents a new way of thinking, speaking, behaving and living. Change represents spiritual growth. Without change, a Christian will not look much different than a person who has never received Jesus as their Savior.

God never expects His children to guess what they are supposed to do. God always gives His people through instruction on what He wants out of them. What does God expect from His people? Continue Reading →