Teaching, Helping and Encouraging Spiritual Growth

The Value of Good Friends

One of the greatest blessings God gives to His children is friends. Every believer needs close Christian friends. Being close to someone with like beliefs allows you to be yourself. Not only can you just be you, and express your true thoughts and feelings without hesitancy or fear of misunderstanding, but a good friend also brings accountability into your life. It’s sort of like God putting that “special” person, or persons into your life that help you deal with life and make right decisions and do the right things.  Continue Reading →

Get Real About Being a Christian: Change

Change. This is the most important thing that God seeks in His people. Change represents a new way of thinking, speaking, behaving and living. Change represents spiritual growth. Without change, a Christian will not look much different than a person who has never received Jesus as their Savior.

God never expects His children to guess what they are supposed to do. God always gives His people through instruction on what He wants out of them. What does God expect from His people? Continue Reading →

What Are your Life Goals?

What is your long-term plan? What are your life goals? And what influences determine your goals?

A person’s perspective dictates the answer to all of these questions. So, as God’s people, do we have the right perspective to set the right goals in our lives?

God has a way of putting things “in perspective” for us. The answers to life’s questions are always found in His Word.

 For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. Continue Reading →

Friends Take Care Of Each Other

There are many good reasons to be a part of a church. One of the most important reasons to be engaged in church is to have acquaintances and friends.

This is important because it is part God’s plan to care for His children. It is important that your friends know you well enough to minister to you, and that you know them well enough to minister to them. This dynamic is essential to God’s plan and purpose for His children to take care of each other. Continue Reading →