Teaching, Helping and Encouraging Spiritual Growth

Principles of Spiritual Growth 6

Good evening! Over the last five sessions we have studied what it takes to grow into a mature, complete disciple of Jesus. Through the  process of adding goodness, knowledge, self-control and perseverance to your faith, God has crafted you into a piece of His workmanship. In this process you have been  trained, proven, and tested with the purpose of fully equipping you to be a strong, trustworthy and faithful servant to “do the good works God prepared in advance for you  to do.” 

Hebrews 10:36 AMPL For you have need of STEADFAST PATIENCE and ENDURANCE (PERSEVERANCE) so that you may perform and fully accomplish the will of God. Continue Reading →

Principles of Spiritual Growth 5

Hello! I hope you had a good day! Would you agree that sometimes living a consistent Christian life has its challenges? There are times when you slip up and fall to temptation knowing that you are doing is wrong, yet you do it anyhow. Then there are times when your faith in God is tested and the test gets the better of you and you go away with doubt about God’s concern, care and love. Why is it that so many Christians do not have the spiritual strength to deal with these kinds of challenges? Continue Reading →

Principles of Spiritual Growth 4

Hello! In this session we are going to focus on self-control. We all need self-control, don’t we? Have you ever wondered why is it that so many Christians struggle in their walk with Jesus? Why is it that the temptation to sin is stronger than their ability to resist?  And why is it that when faced with tough trials, the trials easily defeat them and doubt fills their minds about God’s love for them? What is wrong? Continue Reading →

Principles of Spiritual Growth 3

Hello, again! In this session we are going to focus on the importance of adding knowledge to your faith. What does the word “knowledge” mean? When knowledge and goodness are combined, what does this produce? Adding goodness and knowledge together produce incredible spiritual growth in you. These two additions to your basic belief transform you, step-by-step, into a new being. Instead of remaining the same you change. You become incrementally more like Jesus as you continually live out the goodness of Jesus and live out the knowledge found in God’s Word.  Continue Reading →