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Get A Handle On Bad Secret Thoughts

Aren’t you glad that your thoughts cannot be seen by anyone else? How embarrassing that would be! There is a whole secret world that thrives in the thought-life. It is the place where the most secret sinful and shameful desires are stored.

These thoughts are the source of conflict between God’s righteous will and desires and your own human sinful desires and will. This is the place where the act of sin begins. God says that all sin begins in your secret thought-life (James 1:13-15). Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Anger Get The Best Of You

Wouldn’t it be great if life always ran smoothly with no hiccups or potholes? Wouldn’t that be great?! Well, dream on! The fact is life is filled with stuff that irritates, aggravates and angers us daily. Anger can come from nagging problems or insurmountable troubles. It can come from frustrating circumstances that you can’t seem to escape, or the disappointments of life that are so unjust and unfair. The sources of anger are limitless.

This is life. Continue Reading →

As A Christian, Are You Really Happy?

You would think that all believers would be happy people. After all, Almighty God loved them so much that He sacrificed the life of His only Son so that they could have a relationship with Him that lasts throughout eternity, right?

Not only this, but God continues His blessing with His grace. God’s grace is His undeserved gift of divine influence that is seen in His inspiration, direction, guidance, protection, encouragement, conviction, strength and power that enables you to deal with life and live uprightly even in the midst of all the mess. Continue Reading →