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Tips For Parents

Being a parent is a grand experiment, wouldn’t you agree? After all, this is the first time we have done this, and in many cases, we really didn’t have the best experience or training growing up.

So, how do you do this? What can you do from the beginning that will produce healthy, productive, happy kids?

My wife Susan and I were very fortunate in that we both grew up in solid, stable Christian homes. So, a lot of what we did came from our parents. Continue Reading →

God’s Help For Parents

Being a parent in the world today is a real challenge. There is so much more that a parent has to be aware of and consider in raising a child than ever before. Our children are at risk in so many ways.

You cannot turn your head or some sick person might harm your child in some way. You have to be aware of what your kids are watching on TV, or doing on the computer, and you have to be aware of what they are being taught in school, or what kinds of friends they hang out with. Continue Reading →

Are You Holy?

It has always been a challenge for Christians to live out their faith. Mankind’s nature resists and opposes God’s ways. As mankind’s collective resistance to God grows deep roots, a culture develops that operates within it’s own humanistic terms and this becomes the accepted norm.

As the culture moves farther and farther away from God the pressure to conform to this world’s ideas and standards (or lack thereof) becomes stronger and stronger. The pressure for Christians to soften their strong stands based on God’s Word is never-ending.  Continue Reading →