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Why Does God Forgive Us?

Sin is a terrible thing. God describes sin as “deceitful.” Sin is truly appealing, but in the end it destroys. How many impulsive things have you done to satisfy that immediate urge and then spent a lifetime regretting it? Sin is deceitful.

The appeal of sin is often times more powerful than your ability to resist. The fact is, all people (including Christians) are attracted to sin and this makes it hard to resist. Can you identify? Continue Reading →

When You Find Yourself In A Hole, Let God Pull You Out!

Dear friends. I have had a terrible time getting my computer to work and this problem has kept me from posting my weekly message. Here is something I wrote to get back on track. Thank you for your patience. God bless, Dick

Have you ever been in a place where you seemed to be painted into a corner with problems and troubles and there seemed to be no way out? Life is filled with these kinds of challenges. Continue Reading →