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Out Of Gas? Let God Fill Your Tank!

Life in this world today can be very difficult. Life can be demanding and very stressful. Who hasn’t been tired and worn out dealing with life’s realities? Who hasn’t been faced with troubles and problems that are relentless that gradually saps you of your strength? Who hasn’t been in that place where there seems to be no solution to your troubles and problems? Is this how your life is? Are you “out of gas” and feel powerless to help yourself? Continue Reading →

Single Mom? Overwhelmed? God Can Help!

Over the years as a pastor I have encountered many single mothers who struggle to survive in a very cold and cruel world. How my heart goes out to them. They live in an unjust and uncaring world and need understanding, compassion, support and love.

Some single mom’s have parents or relatives or friends who can help them, and this goes a long way to bring stability and security into their lives. Yet, many are on their own. Continue Reading →

Be Patient! God Is Coming!

One of the hardest things to do as a Christian is to wait on the Lord. All too often impatience robs God’s people of answers to prayers and the blessings God has for them because they cannot wait on God.

They are too impatient. Their attention span is short. It’s like they have a spiritual attention deficit disorder. Their minds wander.

Other things capture their attention that takes the place of their focus on God. It doesn’t take long for them to forget what they wanted God to do in the first place. Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up!

Have you ever heard the saying, “This, too, shall pass?” I know in my own life I have said this many times when things are going sideways. I try to put things in perspective and encourage myself to be patient by reminding myself of this. My hope is that things will turn around and get better soon. How about you? Have you ever done this same thing?

Actually, this is a mature way of handling the hard times because it recognizes that what you are experiencing is only temporary, and in many cases things run their course and things get better. Continue Reading →