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Something Stinks In The Bathroom

There is a cultural debate going on about the use of bathrooms. The traditional view has been for generations that there are differences between men and women and these differences should be respected. For obvious reasons, good judgment has made separate accommodations for men and women in public bathrooms.

This is obvious to those who understand that the provision of separate bathrooms was primarily out of respect for and the protection of women. Women deserve the right to use bathroom facilities with confidence that it a safe place for them. Continue Reading →

Get Real About Being a Christian: Change

Change. This is the most important thing that God seeks in His people. Change represents a new way of thinking, speaking, behaving and living. Change represents spiritual growth. Without change, a Christian will not look much different than a person who has never received Jesus as their Savior.

God never expects His children to guess what they are supposed to do. God always gives His people through instruction on what He wants out of them. What does God expect from His people? Continue Reading →

Don’t Screw Up Your Life; Make Good Decisions

Life is full challenges that require good decision making. The decisions you make determine the outcome, so careless or impulsive decisions can lead to very unfortunate consequences, some that last a lifetime.

This is true for all people and this includes Christians. Christians certainly are not perfect and they fall into the trap of making decisions by leaning on their own limited human resources just like everyone else does. So, within the Christian community there are countless regrets and sorrows caused by unwise decisions. Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Snookered! Real Contentment Comes From God!

The old comic Will Rogers from the last century had a way of putting things that made you smile but told a real truth. He described advertising as: “Making people want what they don’t need and pay for it with money they don’t have.”

It ‘s true. If people can be made to be discontent then they can be made to feel the “need” to buy whatever is being sold. This is as true today as it was a century ago. Continue Reading →