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How To Keep A Lid On Your Anger

Have you ever been mad? Of course you have! If you are married, or have kids, or have a job, or play sports and so on, you have experienced anger. Anger is one of the emotions that is woven into the fabric of life that is a reality and must be dealt with. You must learn to control anger rather than allow anger to control you.

God tells us what to do when you are angered. Continue Reading →

Down and Discouraged? The Holy Spirit Is Praying for you!

As I read and study God’s Word, I am reminded over and over just how much God loves His children. These expressions of Godly love seem to be countless.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever experienced times of discouragement and down, yet you cannot put our finger on the source of your terrible feelings? I know those who are dealing with depression can identify with this.

Or, other times when you are so overwhelmed with a boatload of stressful problems that you do not know where to begin? Continue Reading →

Lost Your Way? Turn Your Catsup Bottle Upside Down!

Have you ever been in a place where you simply didn’t know where to turn? All people experience this dilemma, including Christians. What is God’s direction to His people when they find themselves seeking answers to certain problems or seeking specific direction?

For generations, getting catsup out of a bottle was a problem. As the bottle set upright the catsup settled on the bottom and when someone wanted to put some catsup on a hot dog or whatever, they had to turn it upside down and keep on smacking the bottom of the bottle until the catsup broke loose so a stream of catsup could come out. Continue Reading →

The Impact Of A Godly Father

When I was a boy, my father would have been considered a failure by the world’s measure of success. My dad’s father left home when he was twelve and my dad was forced to help his mother keep food on the table and went to work during the depression picking turnips for three cents a day. He had to walk miles daily to and from the fields.

He never finished high school and was not qualified for much of anything and ended up working in aluminum foundries most of his life doing hard, dirty work that paid very little. Continue Reading →