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Husbands, Reignite The Love In Your Marriage

The culture in the world today has spun out of control. The order that God gave mankind to guide them into proper relationships with Him and with others has been discredited and marginalized by those who promote alternative moralities that only serve to satisfy the deepest desires and cravings of the human nature. Right has become wrong, and wrong has become right. This moral meltdown touches everybody.

Even in the Christian marriage, we see the fallout of this moral meltdown. Continue Reading →

To Get Past Your Overwhelming Problem, Refocus!

Here is a statement we all can agree on: Life happens. Like it or not, you are going to have a brush with the ugly side of life that brings nothing good, but only bad. This is a fact of life and all people have their fair share of this human dynamic that cannot be escaped. Even for Christians.

When you are going through a really tough time that consumes you with concern, worry, stress and even fear, you can become an emotional basket case. Continue Reading →

What is Repentance?

In a human beings natural state they are controlled by their human nature. Man’s human nature at one time was innocent and pure. But, because of what happened in the Garden of Eden (when Satan deceived and persuaded Adam and Even to sin) man’s nature changed and became flawed and corrupted.

Instead of having a pure and innocent nature, mankind now has an impure and guilty nature. Man now lives with a fatal attraction to sin, and the sinful desires and cravings of his human nature dominates and controls him. Continue Reading →

What Is Apostasy?

There are few things in the church that can stir up emotions and divide people like a discussion about apostasy. Why does this topic create such conflict? And what is apostasy, anyway?

In Strong’s Concordance, it is defined as, “to fall aside, to apostate or to fall away.” Ron Rhodes, who holds a ThM and ThD from Dallas Theological Seminary defines apostasy as, “a determined , willful defection or abandonment of the faith.”

Committing apostasy means to fall away from the faith. Continue Reading →