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Do You Ever Ask God, “Why?”

I have a dear friend who is passing through a very difficult time of his life. He is a long-time believer and has served the Lord for many years. My friend is facing multiple trials that are extremely difficult, and even for this seasoned believer, he feels overwhelmed. He is struggling in his faith. Perhaps you are going through a similar time in your life and your heart goes out to this brother in Christ.

The question he continues to ask himself is, “Why?” “Why is God allowing all this painful stuff to happen?” In the case of my friend, he bears some responsibility for some of these challenges, but for the most part, he is merely the victim of what others are doing to him. Continue Reading →

Be Faithful In Marriage

Here is a thought about being faithful in marriage that I recently read and I want to pass it on to my friends. It was written by Dr. Criswell Freeman in his book, “30 Lessons from the Life of Moses.” It is a reminder of how to avoid certain things that undermine your faithfulness to each other in marriage. Enjoy.

“In Deuteronomy 5:18, with His familiar probation against adultery, God commanded the Israelites to remain faithful in marriage. Continue Reading →

Are You Guilty Of Being A Christian?

Here is a question for you. “If you were in a court of law and the charge was made that you were a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

The point is that the way you live your life (your lifestyle habits) reveal the true measure of your commitment to Jesus and God’s standards for living in this life.

Would the jury find you guilty of being a Christian based on clear and conclusive evidence on the first ballot, or would there be a long drawn out review of the evidence ending in a hung jury? Continue Reading →

Don’t Let The Culture Snuff Out Your Light!

As Christians, we hold to the standards and principles of God’s Word as our moral guide that dictates our behavior. In holding firm and not allowing the culture to change our convictions and our worldview, we are becoming more and more out of place in this world.

The light that comes from being a follower of Jesus is more intense than ever as the world gets darker and darker. God tells us that the world “loves darkness and hates the light” (John 3:20). Continue Reading →