Teaching, Helping and Encouraging Spiritual Growth

Why Being Connected To A Church Is Important

Have you ever heard someone say, “You don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.” Well, this is true. But the problem with this concept is that in not going to a church and being connected to your church, you rob yourself of the blessings God has waiting for you in church.

There are three ways that you are blessed by God in going to church and being connected.

1. In church, you receive a steady diet of teaching that helps you in your walk with Jesus. Continue Reading →

Don’t Let The Current Culture Get You Down!

As a Christian, I am saddened and alarmed by what is happening to the moral fiber of America. Even though America has not experienced the scope and depth of persecution that is so prevalent in other parts of this world, our nation in the midst of a moral revolution that has it’s sights set on the destruction of Christian standards and principles in any form.

This push to discredit and marginalize Christianity is the precursor to the same kind of severe persecution of followers of Jesus in other parts of the world. Continue Reading →

Raising Productive Kids

Being a parent is a grand experiment, wouldn’t you agree? After all, this is the first time you have raised a child, and in many cases, you may not have had the best experience or training growing up in your own family.

So, how do you do this? What can you do from the beginning that will produce healthy, productive kids?

My wife Susan and I were very fortunate in that we both grew up in solid, stable Christian homes. Continue Reading →