Teaching, Helping and Encouraging Spiritual Growth

Love: The Glue That Binds Us Together

Getting along in church is not always easy. Your local church is made up of many different kinds of people with a vast array of personality quirks and oddities that are endless. This includes you and me.

So, it seems reasonable that you will not “hit it off” with everybody in church, and be everybody’s closest friend. As a matter of fact, there will be people in your church that really put you off. The truth is, you just don’t like them. Continue Reading →

Uh-Oh! God Can See Your Secret Thoughts!

There is a whole hidden world in the minds of God’s people. This is where all the secret thoughts are stored. It is the place where all your true thoughts and feelings are hidden. Thank goodness that these thoughts and feelings are under the lock and key of your mind!

What a disaster it would be if your true feelings and thoughts somehow slipped out and were made public. Just the thought is horrifying!

People would know exactly how you feel about them and just how cold you are inside. Continue Reading →

Women, Let God Love and Protect You!

I have two daughters and I have five granddaughters and one great granddaughter. Beyond my own daughters and granddaughters, I feel like I have dozens of daughters. Over the years of pastoring churches, I have observed the issues women have to deal with and the struggles they go through.

I have done my best to help them by being a good listener, offering good advice and guidance, and to encourage them, and just be a true and trusted friend they can turn to like a loving father. Continue Reading →

Crawl Up In God’s Lap Today!

One of the things that God has made sure of is that His followers have access to Him at any time. God made this possible the day that Jesus died on the cross when He tore the veil in two that separated the people from Him from top to bottom. Now, because of Jesus, every Christian can go straight to God, unrestricted.

What a blessing it is to be able to go directly to God at any time and bring to Him whatever is troubling you! Continue Reading →