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The Secret To Exceptional Faith

In the eleventh chapter of Hebrews, God lists many of the great men and women of faith. Their lives were so exceptional that God assigned a chapter of His Word to them exclusively. What an honor!

What an inspiration as we read of the great accomplishments these heroes of the faith achieved. These people of God serve as an example of how we, too, can become great examples of faith.

Like all successful people, there are common traits that they all share. Continue Reading →

Let God Embrace You

There are times in our lives when we do things that we regret from the moment we do them. Surely, you know what I am talking about. You may have done something that really hurt someone else, or you may have done something that really hurt yourself, or  you might have something that didn’t hurt anybody, but you know it was totally wrong.

As God’s people, these things do not go unnoticed. God knows! And the Spirit of God that resides in us lets us know we have really done something very wrong. Continue Reading →

How To Deal With Opposition To Your Faith In Jesus

As the darkness of opposition to God and God’s ways begins to settle over America, like the sun going down in the evening, those who live out the light of the gospel become more obvious. Their light shines even brighter because it is darker these days.

As the darkness gets denser, those who are truly followers of Jesus stand out brightly as they live by God’s truth’s, standards and principles.

Their lifestyle is in conflict with the cultural attitudes and beliefs that reject God’s ways. Continue Reading →

How To Get More Of God’s Power To Deal With Life’s Problems

Have you ever wondered how to get more of God’s power, strength, wisdom and guidance in your life? Who doesn’t need more of the power of God in their life?

This week I posed this question to my congregation as we concluded our study of 1 Peter. Peter wrote this letter to the Jewish Christians who had been scattered around the Mediterranean world because of persecution.

What did Peter tell these Christians to do to gain the strength they needed to deal with the stress and suffering of persecution? Continue Reading →