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Why Is The Church Under Attack?

Since Jesus died on the cross and was raised from the dead, there has always been persecution of followers of Jesus. Jesus said that this would be the case many times.

In our nation, Christians have been spared the persecution that God’s people in other parts of the world have had to endure. This is because the founders of our country honored and respected God and created a nation based upon the holy principals of God’s Word. Continue Reading →

Let God Turn Your Life From A Lemon To Lemonade

Have you ever wondered why certain things happen? Sometimes it makes you wonder. Why is it your child that has a rare form of cancer, or why is it that your wife died and left you alone and lonely, or why is it that there never seems to be enough money to make ends meet? Even God’s people have these thoughts.

Life happens. Things happen. These troublesome things in life happen for different reasons. Some of these things you are responsible for, while other things you have nothing to do with. Continue Reading →

Let God Lift You Up!

In this life, weariness is an issue. Who doesn’t get tired and worn out? Becoming tired can come from any number of human experiences such as working to hard, or an overload of stress, or even a bad diet.

Weariness certainly affects your life. I have found that when I am tired, even making decisions can be difficult.

To be sure life supplies more than enough things that cause you to become tired and weary.

There are limits to human strength. Continue Reading →