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Do You Stand With Jesus Or Jesus Haters?

Jesus gets it. Jesus puts His finger on the problem that all people who are serious about their faith in Jesus have.

When a person truly believes in Jesus and completely turns his or her life over to Jesus, and makes a commitment to live out their faith in Jesus, there will be trouble. It is inevitable.

God says that His ways are not man’s ways. His ways are in opposition to man’s ways, as are man’s ways opposed to God’s ways. Continue Reading →

Fight Off Your Fears With Faith

Have you ever been faced with a problem that was so great that it seemed impossible to defeat? It is in times like these that our true colors are revealed. For Christians, these times of the severe testing of our faith prove the genuineness of it.

The question is, when the chips are down, do you really trust in God’s awareness, power and willingness to come to your rescue?

The issue is faith. Do you have the faith to remain calm in the midst of a storm and patiently wait on God to come through? Continue Reading →

What Is Your Ministry?

The last five books of the Bible are called the “general letters”. These books were written to the church in general, and were intended to be passed on from one church to another. There is general instruction on how believers are to live in this world, regardless of the circumstances. In the case of these early believers, they were suffering great persecution and needed solid instruction, direction and encouragement.

Even though these books were written primarily to the believers in the early church that had been scattered around the Mediterranean world because of persecution, the principles of these books are just as valuable to us today as they were in the times of the early church. Continue Reading →

Are You A Religious Person?

There are many ideas as to what a religious person is. Some people believe that attending church regularly makes you religious person. Others believe that following the order, procedures, traditions, and rituals of a church make you religious. Still others believe that paying your tithe or giving offerings makes you religious. But is this the kind of religion that God seeks from His followers?

Is it only about a routine that satisfies appearances? What is it that speaks to God and tells Him that you are a truly religious person? Continue Reading →