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Do Not Give Up!

Do you ever get worn out trying to do the right things? Does it seem like nothing ever comes of your efforts to do good? I know I have been there, and I am sure you have experienced this as well.

There is nothing more wonderful than being a child of God and living a life that reflects who He is and what He is like. This brings glory to God and  fulfillment and joy to those who live for Jesus. Continue Reading →

Have No Fear

What is the world is going on? There are many good reasons to be concerned, nervous and even fearful these days. The world is changing, and not in a good way. The world is getting more unstable and more volatile day by day for a host of reasons.

Yes, there is much to be fearful about.

As a believer, our faith in God is really tested as we see these realities played out before our eyes. Continue Reading →

Are You A Spiritual Marine?

The Marines have a recruiting slogan “We are looking for a few good men (and women)”. To be a Marine it takes more than just signing up at the recruiters office. The Marines are looking for exceptionally loyal men and women who are willing to endure the rigors of boot camp and be broken down and built back up into an elite fighting force. This takes loyalty, commitment, determination, sacrifice, grit and toughness.

In the same way, God is looking for good men and women who are totally committed to Him and the mission He has for them. Continue Reading →

Faith Is Powerful Stuff

One of the areas that is largely untapped in the life of a Christian is the power that is found in faith. All Christians have experienced this divine power when they received the gift of salvation, and this came through faith. Faith is powerful stuff.

One day the disciples came to Jesus and asked Him why they could not cast a demon out of a man.

Matthew 17:19-20 NIV Then the disciples came to Jesus in private and asked, “Why couldn’t we drive it out?” He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Continue Reading →