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Seek God’s Wisdom To Get You Out Of Your Mess

Have you ever been in a place where you seemed to be painted into a corner with problems and troubles and there seemed to be no way out? Life is filled with these kinds of challenges.

Perhaps it is a problem you have no control over. It could be a health problem or an employment issue or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not all of your problems are your fault. But some are. Continue Reading →

Have A Balanced Approach To Radical Islam

We live in scary times. What is happening today in the world absolutely shocks the senses. Who would have ever believed that we would see anything even approaching the evil and horror of the Nazis and the atrocities they committed? Yet, it is being played out before our very eyes by what is happening at the hands of Islamic terrorists around the world even now.

The comparison of Nazi horror to radical Islamic horror goes even farther. Continue Reading →

Dealing With Fools

Most of the time, your church experience is positive and uplifting. However, there are challenging times when there are fellow believers who make church a difficult place to be. This honest assessment might offend some, but my hope is that you learn how to deal with the fools in the church God’s way.

What is a fool?

The Proverbs have a lot to say about fools. In these Proverbs we see the characteristics of what a fool is in God’s eyes. Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

Before you came to know Jesus your identity was defined by the sum total of all your human attributes. Your identity was determined by your human strengths and weaknesses. You may have been known for your intellect, a great personality, talent, athletic ability, good looks, or just being an average, ordinary person. Whatever strengths or weaknesses you had, they crafted your identity.

To a degree, you can “reinvent yourself” but in the end, you are who you are. Continue Reading →