Teaching, Helping and Encouraging Spiritual Growth

What Is Your Purpose?

Life is a full time job. Your life is filled with things that must be done. Life has a way of focusing your attention on what life decides. In between the routine and pressing responsibilities of life there are a few peaceful moments.

This reality is true for Christians, as well. As God’s people, we must be aware that this is a real issue and take steps to keep our focus on what is really important.  Continue Reading →

How To Deal With Sinful Thoughts

Ever struggle with thoughts that you are grateful no one else can see? Horrifying thought, isn’t it?! Every person is born with a flawed human nature. Along with this come desires and cravings for things that are totally embarrassing, and damaging to your relationship with God. These sinful thoughts come whether you like it or not. They just come. They are part of your human condition.

The question is, “How do you respond to these secret thoughts?” Do you entertain them and let them grow into sinful acts that separate you from God, or do you fight them off and protect your relationship with God? Continue Reading →

Could Jesus Have Sinned?

Could Jesus have sinned? For some, this may seem like an odd question. But it is an important question. What if Jesus could not have sinned? How would this have impacted His perfect life? If it were impossible for Jesus to slip up and fall to temptation, then His sinless life would amount to nothing.

He would never really have known what it is like to have human flaws and weaknesses and all the challenges that come with a sinful human nature. Continue Reading →

Keep Things In Perspective

Life has a way of ganging up on you. There are times when you have more problems than solutions. It is when these difficulties seem to never go away and almost become a permanent part of your life that you become vulnerable to all kinds of breakdowns. You become physically weary and your “fighting spirit” weakens. Is it any wonder that disappointment, discouragement and depression are always lurking in the dark corners, ready to pounce on you and devour you? Continue Reading →