Teaching, Helping and Encouraging Spiritual Growth

Your Life Means Something

Your life means something. You are not insignificant. You are important. All of God’s people have a purpose in life.  What is the purpose that gives meaning to your life and makes you significant and important? It is bringing glory to God.

How do you bring glory to God?

 John 15:8 NLT My true disciples produce much fruit. This brings much glory to my Father.

In this verse, God gives you the key to bringing glory to Him.   Continue Reading →

God’s Love Trumps Man’s Hate

God’s Word tells us that as the time for the return of Jesus draws closer, the persecution of the church will increase. Today, believers in every part of the world are experiencing more and more persecution.

Why are God’s people being persecuted? Is it because they have done terrible things? Have they committed horrendous crimes? No.

Real followers of Jesus live out God’s love for others, and this is inspired by the very Spirit of God that lives in them. Continue Reading →

Help Others With Their Weaknesses

There was a couple that attended my church and over time they both came to know Jesus with great excitement and joy. They attended church for several years before I discovered that they were not married. I went to them and explained the problem.

Neither of them were aware that this was not behavior that God approves of. Somehow this basic biblical standard had fallen through the cracks. It could have been that it never came up while in church or that it had never been an issue because of the culture we live in that accepts, endorses and encourages such behavior. Continue Reading →

Waiting On God

One of the hardest things to do as a Christian is to wait on the Lord. All too often impatience robs God’s people of answers to prayers and the blessings God has for them because they cannot wait on God.

They are too impatient. Their attention span is short. It’s like they have a spiritual attention deficit disorder. Their minds wander.

Other things capture their attention that takes the place of their focus on God. It doesn’t take long for them to forget what they wanted God to do in the first place. Continue Reading →