Teaching, Helping and Encouraging Spiritual Growth

Keeping The Church Pure

God sets high standards. As a Christian, God has given you the responsibility to live by His high standards and live an upright life that reflects the reality of God, who God is and what God is like. Your life as a follower of Jesus must be seen in this context to fulfill your purpose. God wants you to be more than simply a believer, but He wants you to be all in and become a disciple of Jesus. Continue Reading →

Don’t Stumble Over Your Pride!

Have you ever known a believer who seems to struggle constantly in his or her Christian walk? In God’s family you will find every personality type, strength, weakness and flaw known to man. This is because God loves all people and gathers as many people as possible who will simply believe in Jesus and accept Him. Nothing else is required.

When people enter into God’s family they are all a project. Every single person who has ever believed in and received Jesus as his or her Savior needs to be transformed from what they were like before they were saved into a new and vibrant creation. Continue Reading →

The Value Of A Good Christian Friend

One of the greatest blessings God gives to His children is friends. Every believer needs close Christian friends. Being close to someone with like beliefs allows you to be yourself. Not only can you just be you, and express your true thoughts and feelings, but a good friend also brings accountability into your life. It’s sort of like God putting that “special” person, or persons into your life that help you make right decisions and do the right things.  Continue Reading →