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Don’t Let Your Heart Become Hardened

Have you ever known a fellow believer who has gradually wandered away from the faith? Perhaps someone comes to mind who has done this. This raises a serious question.

Why is it that some believers who have been engaged in the church and the things of God and on the right track quietly wander away? What is it that causes them to do this? Why do they slide back into their old ways that God saved them from? Continue Reading →

How To Get Really Close to God

Every believer should want to be as close as possible to God. What Christian wouldn’t want be filled with and immersed in His Holy Spirit? This is the kind of relationship that God wants all of His children to have and experience. God wants to be as close to you as possible and He wants you to be as close to Him as possible.   

Anything that inhibits your ability to be close to God and experience Him to the fullest must be purged from your life. Continue Reading →

Controlling Anger

Wouldn’t it be great if life always ran smoothly with no hiccups or potholes? Wouldn’t that be great?! Well, dream on!

Life is filled with stuff that irritates, aggravates and angers us daily. Those constant hiccups and potholes make anger a fact of life. There are plenty of sources for anger.

Anger can be the product of nagging problems and insurmountable troubles. Anger can come from uncontrollable situations and circumstances that frustrate you that you can’t seem to escape. Continue Reading →

Be A Strong Finisher

What makes up a successful person? Successful people share many common traits like being self starters, focused, determined, committed, tough, overcomers of setbacks and obstacles and they are good finishers.

In American history there are many examples of successful people who share these (and many other) valuable traits.

It took Thomas Edison one thousand unsuccessful attempts to invent the light bulb. He was a strong finisher.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and his first business failed. Continue Reading →