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A Grandfather’s Letter To His Sixteen Year Old Granddaughter

I was reading old documents that I have saved on my laptop and I ran across this letter I wrote to one of my granddaughters. I don’t think she would mind if I shared this with you.

For those men who have daughters getting to the dating age, read this over. I hope this inspires you to write something similar to your daughter. In this granddaughters case, her father was/is out of the picture, so I did my best to fill in as “dad”. Continue Reading →

You Are Extremely Valuable To God

If you had to put a value on yourself, what would it be? For some, it wouldn’t be very much. Over my years as a pastor I have known many people who did not see themselves as of much value or worth.

When I was pastoring there was a woman who came to my church who was married and had two kids. She came for a while and one day asked if she could talk to me. Continue Reading →

An Uncontrolled Tongue Reveals An Uncontrolled Heart

One of the marks of a mature believer is the way they use their words. They have a filter in them that comes from the Holy Spirit that helps them choose their words thoughtfully and carefully. They speak the truth, but in love and kindness. Their words lift others up and are kind and encouraging to others and do no harm. You know where they are in Christ because their words reveal their true heart condition. Continue Reading →

Be Happy, Be Healthy!

As you grow in your relationship with God you change. As you grow closer to God and move away from your old patterns of thought and behavior a new way of thinking and acting takes hold of you. This is the beginning of the transition from your old “you” to a new “you.”

God tells you that there are many wonderful fruits that are produced in the life of a believer, and one of these “fruits of the Spirit” is joy. Continue Reading →