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Why Do You Have Trials?

Trials are the biggest challenge to your faith that you will ever have. Trials cause all kinds of problems. Trials are divided into two categories, internal and external.

Internal trials are the trials that you experience in the privacy of your thoughts and feelings. Such things as doubts about God’s love for you, or His awareness of your situation or His willingness to come to your rescue when you really need help can nag at you and undermine your faith. Continue Reading →

Are You Foolish or Wise?

In our world today confusion reigns. Right has become wrong, wrong has become right. Good has become bad and bad has become good. There is a mushiness about morality that is a blend of whatever you chose to make it. Whatever suits you in most cases is “moral” these days.  Everybody is on their own when it comes to standards of right and wrong, good and evil.

However, in spite of the blurring of the lines between good and evil, and right and wrong, God’s standards of truth and righteousness still stand. Continue Reading →

The Value in Disciplining Your Children

When my girls were little, my wife would take them everywhere with her, like all moms do. Most of the time, they were very good little girls. They obeyed their mother and didn’t do too many naughty things.

However, one time Susan took them shopping with her and Jane and Anne discovered that they could walk through the hanging clothes in the Women’s Department. It was great fun for them. They started out just walking and giggling and it quickly escalated into running and loud laughing. Continue Reading →

Does God Still Heal The Sick?

When Jesus was in this world as a man, He saw the pain and suffering of mankind first hand. He was moved with deep compassion, sympathy, and pity for those who were suffering. His response was to miraculously heal those in need.

 God tells us in Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

God’s ability to heal has not gone away. Just as Jesus touched the sick with His healing hand when He was here on earth, He still touches the sick through His children who have the gift of healing. Continue Reading →