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How to Deal With Obnoxious People

Have you ever known anybody who just seemed to push all your buttons? You know, someone who knew just what to say or what to do to get under your skin. These are the people who are part of your life who have raised being obnoxious to a high art form. Needling others is their specialty and great sport for them. It may be fun for them, but for you, it is annoying, belittling, aggravating, and angering. Continue Reading →

Do You Like your Personality? If Not, Change It!

Do you like who you are? Are there things about your personality that your really don’t like? Well, today is your lucky day! You no longer have to be that grumpy, unpleasant person any longer!

God gives you an action plan that can change your personality and make you an entirely new and different person. God will help you change your personality.

The word “personality” comes from the Latin word, “persona.” This was the word for the mask that actors used to play different roles and “personas” in the theater. Continue Reading →

Make Sure You Give God The Glory!

As Christians you will find that you are always being tested spiritually. It cannot be helped. This is because as a believer, you have two spirits in you. When you come to Jesus and become a part of His family, your old nature does not go away. The Spirit of God and the spirit of man share space in you.

It’s God’s Spirit versus your spirit. It’s God’s will versus your will. It’s God’s ways versus your ways.  Continue Reading →

Read The Word For Yourself

Reading God’s Word for yourself and studying it opens up incredible opportunities for God to speak to you directly. You have the Word itself which “teaches, rebukes, corrects and trains you” (2 Timothy 3:16) which is essential in every believer’s life. But God gives you more. As you dig in and carefully study God’s Word for yourself, God responds with new insights into His Word that bring deeper understanding of God and God’s ways. These insights are God’s direct communication to you, for you. Continue Reading →