Teaching, Helping and Encouraging Spiritual Growth

Where To Get Good Advice

Getting good advice is essential to making good decisions. Smart business people seek out advice from trusted experts to help them make good decisions that maximize the full potential in their business.

This is smart. The Bible says that “Plans succeed through good counsel.” (Proverbs 21:18)

When believers are faced with uncertainty in their life and about a particular issue, where do they turn to for help? Where do YOU seek out advice?

Where do you turn when you are struggling with a failing marriage, or the loss of your job, or the news that your child is sick, or you are captured by powerful sin that seems to grip you tighter and tighter every day? Continue Reading →

Don’t Let The Culture “Spin” You Into It’s image!

Over the years that I drew cartoons I learned to cut through the spin and get to the truth of what politicians were saying and doing. “Spin” is overemphasizing a certain part of an issue, while de-emphasizing or even eliminating the parts of the truth they do not want to talk about or even hide. The purpose of spin is to change the perception of truth.

If they do this long enough, a new perception of the truth is created that suits their purposes. Continue Reading →

How to Deal With Secret Struggles

There are times when we quietly struggle with things. How many times have you had a troubling concern that you hide in the darkest corner of your heart? It might be a wife with an unfaithful husband, or worries about your job, or a young teenage girl who feels ugly and invisible, or recurring health problem.

At some point, every person seems to have a secret struggle with something. And what can you do? It could be that it is embarrassing and you do not want to share your struggle with anyone. Continue Reading →

Jesus Is With You As You Go Through Trials

Being a follower of Jesus is not easy. Even in America it is becoming more difficult. I can only imagine the troubles people have in places where there is no religious freedom at all.

My heart really goes out to people who have to keep their faith a secret because of the possible consequences from socialist or communist governments or Muslim radicals who would like to behead them for their faith in Jesus.

Yes, being a believer these days is exceedingly challenging. Continue Reading →