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Did You Know That YOU Are God’s Inheritance?

Sometimes it is really hard to understand just how much God loves us. God’s love goes way beyond our natural capacity to understand and fully appreciate just how much He loves us. We simply cannot understand the fullness of the depth and width of His love for us because of our human limitations.

Here’s another hard one to understand: God places a value on us that is worth the life of His own Son. This seems illogical. Continue Reading →

Be Faithful in Reading the Word of God, and See How God Will Bless You!

I recently received an email from a dear friend that I led to the Lord several years ago. She has been reading the Bible, but feels like she is just “checking that off her list” of things to do. She doesn’t feel like she is retaining much of it and as a result, doesn’t feel like she is really benefitting much from her reading. She asked me for some advice.

I told her that reading God’s Word will help you grow in your faith and become more equipped to deal with the realities of life. Continue Reading →

How to Gain God’s Wisdom

Wisdom is a very useful asset to any person facing any circumstance, in any place and at any time. In this world, smart people strive to become “wise.” They seek wisdom through the dedicated mentoring of loving parents and the training of talented teachers in school, and life experience itself is a great way to be taught wisdom. There is a human wisdom that serves us well, and can be acquired if you really seek it. Continue Reading →

Why Has America Become So Anti-Christian?

The entire world is at war. The forces of evil are celebrating victories all over the world. As I write this blog, Islam is on the march to take over Iraq and make it an Islamic state. Talk about a serious threat to the rest of the world; this is the “religious” arm of the Anti-Christ forces. Islam will have another base from which to expand the brutality of Islam in the region and impose Islamic law on the rest of the world. Continue Reading →