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Can The Church Survive Political Correctness?

Change. This was the essence of the presidential campaign in 2008 that ushered in the children of humanistic thinking who now control most of our government and culture. We are witnessing the results of this moral sea change in a  breakdown of our culture and society. These are the promoters of “political correctness” that seek to change the fundamental principles that have governed our nation from the beginning, and defined our nation as a people. Their goal is to change what is right and what is wrong. Continue Reading →

Having Deep Conversations With God

As a believer, you enjoy a very special “Father-child” relationship with God. You are connected with your Heavenly Father in many ways and there are many facets to your relationship with Him.

God is always there helping you deal with sin and when you slip up, He is there to forgive you, redirect you, restore you, and set you on the right path again. He is always there when you are down and need encouragement in times of trouble or stress or when you need His guidance and direction.  Continue Reading →

As a Believer, Are You Really Happy?

You would think that all believers would be happy people. After all, Almighty God loved them so much that He sacrificed the life of His only Son so that they could have a relationship with Him that lasts throughout eternity, right?

Not only this, but God continues His blessing with His grace. God’s grace is His undeserved gift of divine influence that is seen in His inspiration, direction, guidance, protection, encouragement, conviction, strength and power that enables you to deal with life and live uprightly even in the midst of all the mess. Continue Reading →

Are You Restless or Restful?

As believers, we have to deal with the realities of life just like everybody else. Who does not have a long list of issues, problems, aggravations, disappointments, crisis, uncertainties, hurts and even painful heartache that have become constant unwelcome companions?

How we wish it would all go away! Sometimes we think that the only way to have peace is if all the chaos, confusion, conflicts and corruption in our lives would simply disappear. Then we’d have peace, right? Continue Reading →