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Start Your Day Off With This Prayer: “Lord! Help Me!”

Every day is an unknown. Every day has the potential to turn out great or turn out not so great. As we begin each day, who knows what is in store for us? We all know that in just a day a lot of things can happen.

We already know that we will be faced with all kinds of challenges to our faith. We already know that there will be things that appeal to our human nature that are wrong that cause trouble. Continue Reading →

How Great Disappointment Turned Into Great Blessing

I wrote this post on my Facebook page November 19, 2013. I wanted to share it with you because it shows just how much God has His hand on you and directs you, even when you do not know it.

This is a great example of how God has “opened doors and closed doors” to steer you where He wants you to go even when you do not know it. Read this post and rejoice with me about how God withheld the Pulitzer Prize from me, yet showed me that He did answer my prayer, as I actually won the Pulitzer! Continue Reading →

Being A Good Dad

When I was a boy, my father would have been considered a failure by the world’s measure of success. My dad’s father left home when he was twelve and my dad was forced to help his mother keep food on the table and went to work during the depression picking turnips for three cents a day. He had to walk miles daily to and from the fields.

He never finished high school and was not qualified for much of anything and ended up working in aluminum foundries most of his life doing hard, dirty work that paid very little. Continue Reading →

Let God Help You With Your Heartache

Heartbreak is the ultimate sorrow. It is deep and hurts like nothing else. The really sad thing is that heartbreak and heartache are a real part of life, and sooner or later we all have to come to grips with it. This kind of intense sorrow consumes you and captures your mind. There seems to be no escape. You are a prisoner of the deepest sorrow.

Heartache has many sources. It might be a grown child that is bringing you sorrow and breaking your heart or the loss of a dear loved one. Continue Reading →