Teaching, Helping and Encouraging Spiritual Growth

The Holy Spirit is Praying For You!

As I read and study God’s Word, I am reminded over and over just how much God loves His children. These expressions of Godly love seem to be countless.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever experienced times of discouragement and down, yet you cannot put our finger on the source of your terrible feelings? I know those who are dealing with depression can identify with this.

Or, other times when you are so overwhelmed with a boatload of stressful problems that you do not know where to begin? Continue Reading →

Prayers That Work

Growing older is not the best thing in many ways. Age has a way of stealing so many of the things you once enjoyed. Things like energy and strength are replaced with comfy chairs and long naps and that chiseled face that once looked like a Greek god now looks like a Greek salad. Trust me, there is a real downside to growing older.

But, there is a great upside to growing older. That full head of thick hair I once had did not take a permanent vacation for nothing. Continue Reading →

Why Did I Write The Book, “Growing Big In God”?

I recently wrote a book called “Growing Big In God.” It is a book written to help new believers understand the “big” picture of Christianity and explain the details of this new relationship with Jesus and how this new faith should be lived out.

I also wrote it for many “older believers” who never have been mentored and taught the things that make up the Christian walk. There are way too many “older believers” who are unclear on how it all fits together and their understanding of God’s plan and purpose is filled with holes. Continue Reading →

Become a Workman of the Word

How are you doing? I ask this question because believer’s lives are filled with all kinds of stuff that consumes their time, dominates their emotions and challenges their spiritual walk with God. Life is filled with more than enough to keep you busy.

You may be a married person or a single person, a teenager or a retired person. It doesn’t matter.

Regardless of where you are on life’s timeline, you face many different challenges, and if you are not careful, these things can overwhelm and consume you. Continue Reading →